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Cupcake Wars held at 21st Century Summer Camp

Cupcake Wars held at 21st Century Summer Camp



Field Trip to Wild Thyme Cooking Class

(Above and below) Chef Allison Davis instructing the class on how to make cupcakes at Wild Thyme Cooking School in Lexington Kentucky


Chef Allison demonstrates how to use the vanilla bean while Audrey Humphries watched closely

(L-R) Camp Leaders Kacie Rose and Kaylee Julius helps Lauren Botts go through the recipe with Chef Allison's help

Camp Leaders and students preparing the cupcakes

Kennedy Keith holds a finished cupcake from the class



Making the Cupcakes Back at School

(Above and below) Sixth grader Evan Sullivan pipped the cotton candy themed cupcakes with assistance from 21st Century Director Katherine Kidd


(L-R) Katherine Kidd high fives seventh grader Diana Palacios

(L-R) Evan Sullivan and Diana Palacios decorate the cupcakes

Seventh grader Maria Gonzales Pastor filled in the Oreo themed cupcakes with fudge

(L-R) Sixth grader Francisco Gonzales Hernandez cuts out the middle of the cupcakes with guidance from Camp Leader Ben Rose

Seventh grader Angel Irene Gomez dips the Oreos in white chocolate

The team pipped icing onto the cupcakes 

(L-R) Sixth grader Slade Gregory, seventh grader Lauren Botts, eigth grader Malachi McWhorter, and Camp Leader Kaylee Julius ice their cupcakes

(L-R) Camp Leader Aubry Holt and sixth grader Kimmie Wombles cut strawberries for the presentation

(L-R) Kimmie Wombles, seventh grader Aaron Abner, and sixth grader Gracie Shelton pip the cupcakes

(L-R) Katherine Kidd shows eighth grader Cailyn Botts, Camp Leader Kacie Rose, sixth grader Samuel Glass, and seventh grader Audrey Humphries how to sift coco powder

(L-R) seventh graders Jaiden Campos, Zachary Pyles, and Shelby Gregory begin preparing their cupcakes




Judges (L-R) District Menu Planner Casey Holt, Cook Connie Dishman, Cook Melissa Hancock, Monticello Banker Kevin Rose, and Cook Patricia Harmon preparing to score the participants' cooking project

(L-R) Slade Gregory, Malachi McWhorter, Lauren Botts, and Kaylee Julius begin their presentation

(L-R) Savanah Crouch, Audrey Humphries, Cailyn Botts, Samuel Glass, and Kacie Rose talk about the process of making their cupcakes

Cailyn Botts handing out the cupcakes to the judges

(L-R) Bryron Wombles, Varsil Patel, Camp Leader Nicholas Kidd, Zach Baer, Toby Romero, Wiley Baer

(L-R) Camp Leader Emily Keith, Amelia Ramsey, Alisson Perez Alonso, Hannah Kempton

(L-R) Camp Leader Ben Rose, Maria Gonzales Pastor, Angel Irene Gomez, and Francisco Gonzales Hernandez

(L-R) Camp Coordinator Katherine Kidd, Diana Palacios, Cassidy Evans, and Evan Sullivan

The judges made their final decisions

The winners were presented with chef hats as a reward

Camp Cupcake pose in front of their winning cupcakes and display

The winners enjoyed the cupcakes

Students ended the competition in high spirits and shared cupcakes with each other



Displays and Cupcakes

The teams made themed displays to go with the cupcakes

(Above and below) Backyard picnic


(Above and below) Cotton Candy Stand


(Above and below) Oreo Cookie Cupcakes


(Above and below) County Fair


(Above and below) Under the Sea


(Above and below) Beach Scene


(Above and below) Camp Cupcake


(Above and below) Ice Cream Stand


(Above and below) Da Mix Lemonade Stand




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