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Check out Wayne County School's Booth at Child Plus Fair

Materials in goodie bags to be given to students

     Wayne County Schools “Where Learning is Sweet” booth is sure to please the youngsters and
those that are young at heart at the upcoming Child Plus Fair on April 26. Look for the trail of candy
canes and cupcake seats for the kids.

     The event will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Rodney Woods Gymnasium where
children and parents can visit the Wayne County booth with all kinds of information, gifts, and baggies
of fine motor activities for those pre-registering for Wayne County Preschool and Kindergarten.

     Wayne County Schools believes in early learning that provides for a lifetime of benefits. Walker
Early Learning Center preschool program helps the youngest students to become kindergarten ready,
socially engaged, independent, and curious. Cardinal Kids Campus wrap-around program and childcare
center reinforces the curriculum at the half-day preschool program, as well as after school full-day
kindergarten classes.

     Enrollment registration is already underway at Walker Early Learning Center. Parents who
attended the series of Little Cardinal Academy workshops already have a leg up understanding
preschool benefits. Wayne County staff will be available to answer questions for those unfamiliar with
opportunities for four and five-year-olds, as well as three-year-olds who may be delayed and need
support that the school district offers through speech and special education services.

     Wayne County residents are lucky to have the programs that the public school system offers
free of charge. In many locations across the country, an expensive fee is charged for early childhood
education at public schools.

     “In our county, we are very fortunate that our school system takes all four-year-olds, regardless
of income eligibility or needs,” said Walker Early Learning Center Principal Angela Ballinger. “In most
counties, they have to qualify based on income or disability.”

     The district picks up the cost for those children because they want them to get a good start on
their education. It is important for every four-year-old to get a solid beginning in school, even though it
currently is just a half-day, four days a week. Last year, there was an astonishing 62 children in Wayne
County who did not attend preschool or headstart because families simply did not send them. Generally
speaking, educators notice a vast difference between the children that attend preschool and those that
choose not to enroll. In many cases, those that did not attend are already behind before they even get
started in kindergarten. In today’s world, there is a strong emphasis on getting children kindergarten-
ready using specific educational strategies so they can be engaged in learning and soar academically.

     “Children that attend preschool are definitely at an advantage because they make such amazing
growth,” said Ballinger.

     If youngsters are four-years-old by August 1 they are eligible to come to preschool. Three-year-
olds can participate in screening and can enroll in preschool if they are delayed. Call 606-348-4251 to
obtain an enrollment packet.


Come check out the Wayne County sweet Candyland themed booth at the Child Plus Fair

Upon visit, each child will receive a goodie-bags with the following contents:
1. Packet with fine motor activities
2. Crayons
3. Scissors (can get a shoe box or small box with lid and have that as the child’s cutting box. Attach
scissors to box with a string and tape. Add newspaper, sale ads, play-doh, paper with lines, etc.,
for the child to get out and practice cutting).
4. Paper with lines to cut
5. Play-Doh
6. Dry Erase marker
7. Laminated paper to trace lines with dry erase marker
8. Paper shoe with shoe lace- Child can lace the shoe using only the thumb and pointer finger
9. Paper plate with number and clothes pins- Child can move the clothes pin to number or color
10. Small pencil with pom pom –Child holds the pom pom with ring finger and pinky finger while
holding the pencil with a tripod grasp.

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