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Monticello Elementary students enjoy "Life is Cool" anatomy workshop

Students enjoy Life is Cool demonstrations


Students enjoyed the hands-on stations where they learned basic anatomy lessons

Life is cool

Local volunteers Bob and Martha Gresham running a station sharing everything from tendons to heart valves

Life is Cool

Fourth graders (l-r)  Malaki Pierce, Jordan Rains, and Kaitlyn Raynes learning facts from Bob Gresham

(r-l:) Mayor Traci Sexton and Terri Preat manned one of the stations that revealed the liver is one of the largest organs in the body.

Life is Cool

Students were very interested in learning about hearts at Kentucky Organ Donor Association Volunteer Gary Morgan's booth

Life is Cool

Clerk's Office representative Melissa McWhorter working with the students 

Students played a game at the Nutrition station to help them better understand nutritional guidelines

Life is Cool

Karen Thomas from Hardin Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown and Clerk's Office volunteer Krista Bertram taught students how to read the nutrition facts label and how to eat a balanced diet. 

Life is Cool

Students studied various organs of the body with a look inside a mock human body

Life is Cool

Students asked questions after moving from station to station where they got to examine different organs

Life is Cool

(l-r:) Circuit Court Clerk Office Employee Terri Preat spread the message about how to become an organ donor documented through your driver's license, while Director of the Kentucky Health Alliance Pat Helm listened. 

Life is Cool

(l-r:) Counselor Jill Frogge and Director of the Kentucky Health Alliance Pat Helm shared information with the students

Life is Cool

HOSA Volunteers

Front Row (l-r): Maci Adams, Keely Bertram, Kaitlyn Dunagan, Laci Patton, Dylan Godsey

Back Row (l-r): Samantha Jones, Maddy Royalty, Destiny Philpot, Hailey Gregory, Kameron Angel


Life is Cool

Circuit Court Clerk's Office employees took an active roll in the special event that ties in with the organ donor program they support to help save lives. During the first  session (l-r): Leslie Lester, Terri Preat, Melissa "Missy" McWhorter, Krista Bertram, Cindy New worked at the event. (Not pictured: Patricia Lay, Lora Leffew, Shelby Rose, Kim Silvers, and Linda Smith all manned the afternoon session of the event)


Fourth graders benefit from “Life is Cool” learning fair

                Fourth graders were wowed by the on-site “Life is Cool” program recently brought to the Monticello Elementary School gymnasium.

                “These kids were really paying attention,” noted Pat Helm, who serves as the director of the Kentucky Health Alliance.

                Volunteers from the Donate Life KY Coalition came from as far away as Frankfort, Winchester, Richmond and Elizabethtown to join local volunteers who gladly offered support to the learning fair. The unique anatomy program included 10 learning stations that students rotated to during timed sessions. The traveling event began at home with six classroom lessons for students to study, which included: human anatomy, healthy life choices and organ donation. Students had completed five one-hour classroom lessons before experiencing the fun hands-on event staffed by healthcare personnel and volunteers from across Kentucky.

                Each learning station had a different emphasis and some used actual pig organs to give the students a better idea of what internal organs actually look like. For instance, the heart station taught the children ways to prevent heart issues. “What do doctors do to help clogged arteries? asked Gary Morgan, of the Kentucky Organ Donor Association? Answers included, “Have open heart surgery or have stints put in.”

                “Yes,” he said, but it is really important to make healthy food choices. For example, eat an apple instead of a cheeseburger. Break down the fat by exercising.”

                “Stay hydrated and eat healthy foods,” stressed the volunteers.

                At the liver booth, the volunteer enticed the students to participate, “Touching a liver is the grossest thing you can touch.”

Pat Ham, who coordinates the “Life is Cool” events, said “organizations like the Donate Life Kentucky Coalition, KY Organ Donors Trust for Life, KY Lion’s Club Eye Bank, and the Kentucky Blood Center all come together to purchase supplies for the students.

                All of these groups are amazing,” Ham said. ”Your counselor, Jill Frogge had this completely organized. In fact, this was one of the best-organized schools I’ve seen since we started this in 2010. “
              Another important volunteer link came from the Wayne County Circuit Court Clerk’s office, whose employees shifted in and out of the sessions. They support the Kentucky Organ Donors Trust for Life. Terri Preat, who works in the local clerk’s office, told the students about the organ donor registry and how your name can be added. She encouraged everyone to become educated on the subject and to “give hope and save lives” through the program. “Some day we will have the chance to save lives.”

                Local volunteer Martha Gresham said she was impressed by how much the students knew as they came through to she and her husband’s booth.

               Each teacher had received a digital teaching guide and support materials for the five teaching sessions already completed. In addition, each student was provided a workbook to go along with the teaching sessions. The entire event was generously provided at no cost to the school or students.

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