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Tech Design Class Selling Valentine's Day Prints

3D Printed Rose

The Tech Design class is taking preorders for 3D Valentines items. If you want to be sure you get a rose, candy box, or other item then please preorder and prepay. The class will not print many extra items. You can order in room 227 or outside the lunchroom during lunch when the students are set up. Preorders will end on Monday, February 11 so that all orders can be filled. 

The Tech Design class has been working hard this year to create and market student ideas. The students work with technology available in the high school to create the products. The class also serves to teach students how to market these ideas, and how to manage funds to turn a profit. The goal for the year is for the class to be able to pay for the materials used with money earned and to avoid having a negative balance by the time the class is over. 

The class has already been very successful this school year. The Christmas season featured another large event by the students, when they were assigned to create and market holiday items. The students created two different types of ornaments – those that were 3D printed, and glass ornaments featuring a variety of vinyl decals. The class also created ornaments that were made to order, such as UK ornaments and The Grinch. The class also found success with the creation of 3D Lithophane (3D picture) lamps. The customer provided an image which was then printed along with the base for the lamp.

“Tech Design is a class where technology meets entrepreneurship,” says the teacher over the program, Marsha Bertram. “The students design and create products using the technology of our poster printer and design software, our vinyl printer and design software, and now our 3D printers and design software.”

Bertram has only one rule for her Tech Design class - at the end of the year, the class account must be in the black and not in the red.


mini roses

Mini roses 

full roses

Full roses, complete with stem 


Hearts featuring the buyer's requested name

Figure eight

Abstract roses

candy box

Candy boxes designed with the buyer's requested text 


Some of the vinyl decals that the class is offering 

christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments were designed and sold during the Christmas season

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