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Juniors and Seniors are Eligible for No-Cost STEM Project

Global Discovery Lab flyer

Discovery Lab - Global (DLG), would like to offer Kentucky high school (11th & 12th grade) students a no-cost college-level STEM project opportunity to gain experience with technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Wearable Technologies, Engineering of 3D Printed Drones, or Telepresence Robotics, and much more. 

The experience is designed to help a student better define their STEM career goals and to further strengthen their resumes for future college applications.

There is a hard deadline of Feb 24, 2019 for interested students to apply.  

According to Director Rob Williams, “We use non-proprietary (i.e. free) 3D virtual reality technology for our real-world STEM projects that allows students to participate from home using a computer and internet connection within our 3D virtual STEM campus developed using open-source virtual reality software. VR headsets are *NOT* needed to participate.This unique summer opportunity is spare-time / flex-time to accommodate a student's other summer commitments; e.g. family vacation, summer jobs, etc."

The attached flyer targets college freshmen but the projects can be adapted for college-minded high school juniors and seniors.

Discovery Lab - Global (DLG), a nonprofit entrepreneurial STEM lab, is offering 11th and 12th grade high school students a no-cost, hands-on summer STEM project experience from among the following high demand, advanced technology areas below to help students explore STEM careers and to strengthen their future college applications:

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)           - e.g. for search & rescue 

    • Cyber Security                          - e.g. to protect from cyber-stalking, 

    • Telepresence Robotics             - e.g. for distance STEM mentoring

    • Wearable Tech                         - e.g. for quality of life for the elderly, 

    • Creating 3D Virtual Worlds       - e.g. Mission to Mars,  

    • 3D Printed Drone Engineering - e.g. for emergency medical service delivery

Discovery Lab - Global (DLG) grew out a multi-million dollar, year-round Air Force STEM workforce development program that was directed for 10 years before it ended upon the founding director's retirement to continue it philosophically as a totally separate, independent 501(c)(3) entrepreneurial STEM lab. 

Students will benefit from the DLG director's extensive engineering, research, and technical leadership experience as a retired Air Force officer, former graduate engineering professor, DARPA program manager (, and past recipient of the National Engineer of the Year honors awarded by a professional aerospace society of 35,000 members.

Students will be able to participate from home this summer as an avatar inside a 3D virtual research campus called Deep HoriXons (DHX). The project-based learning experience is designed to help accelerate a student's technical and professional development to help students better define their career goals and to strengthen their resume for college applications.

For more information go to the website:


Discovery Lab Global Flyer

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