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Monticello Elementary 21st Century Students Present Elf the Musical JR.

santa and buddy

    Elf The Musical JR. performed by Wayne County’s 21st Century program at Monticello Elementary was a real crowd pleaser, receiving excellent reviews. The musical was presented to the public on Monday, December 17th in the Monticello Elementary gymnasium after earlier daytime performances were held for local students.

    Close to 30 third, fourth and fifth graders brought the famous musical to life after memorizing their lines and learning the songs they had been rehearsing the past semester, through the after school program.  Their production of Elf The Musical JR., is a title known the world over. The young actors were excited to mimic the holiday musical based on the cherished New Line Cinema hit, Elf JR.

Nicholas Meece did an awesome job starring as Buddy. In fact, the entire cast could rival the child actors on Broadway productions.  

    Monticello Elementary staff members and the young actors worked tirelessly on this dramatic production. Teachers Panesia Humble, Anita Peters and Julie Pyles served as the producers of the magical holiday drama. Art Teacher Samantha Cummings shared her artistic skills by creating scenery highlighting the Empire State building, New York City skyline, Central Park and a storefront that made the scenes very believable. She even created a huge marquee sign headlining the show at the entrance of its local debut inside Monticello Elementary School.

    Musical Director Jared Duncan coached the wonderful vocal performances by the children. The lively lyrics to the musical were by Chas Beguelin and the music by Matthew Skylar. Family Resource Director Leslie Randall worked the sound for the production.

    “We were so proud and inspired by our students’ performances,” said Monticello Elementary Principal Virginia Cares. “The students enrolled in the 21st Century program really benefit from this opportunity. Our 21st Century staff really go the extra mile in bringing these musical performances about.  The show really highlighted the holiday season for our families and we appreciate all of the cast’s dedication towards this effort.” 


Elf Jr. Brochure

Elf Jr. Brochure Elf Jr. Brochure




Buddy embraces the marquee at his school


Chloe Williams as Shawanda and Bryson Smith as Charlie the Head Elf


Nicholas Meece starred as Buddy


A scene in Santa's workshop early in the play


Parker Smith as Santa and Nicholas Meece as Buddy


(l-r): Jorja Criswell as Jovie, Jana Kachaceche as Macy's Manager, and Madisyn Spurlock as Santa helper, Sam

(Walter Hobbs' employee)


Santa's Elves

Back Row: Chloe Williams, Harper Clark, Ainslee Dolen, Isabella Tucker, Emma Burnett,

Front Row: Emily Gregory, Chelsey Lewis, Joyce Dominguez, Emily Shearer, Hailey Piercy


The cast performing a New York number


(l-r): Rileigh Strunk as Charolette Dennon and Deb, Jorja Criswell as Jovie, William Graves as Macy's Santa, Abbygale Humphrye as Emma Van Brocklin, and Harlow Clark as Sarah


Santa, Walter Hobbs, and Buddy discovered the true meaning of Christmas

santa and buddy

Buddy and Santa reviewing the naughty and nice lists

santa clause

Parker Smith as Santa


Jorja Criswell performing her solo


Emily Gregory as Santa's elf and Jackson Reichenbach as Policeman #2 and Security Guard #2


(l-r): Jackson Reichenbach as Policeman #2 and Security Guard #2,  Abbygale Humphrye as Emma Van Brocklin, Jana Kachaceche as Macy's Manager, and Brennan Morin as Policeman #1 and Macy's Security Guard #1


(l-r): Emily Shearer as Macy's Saleswoman, Joyce Dominguez as Matthew - Walter Hobbs' Assistant, Chelsey Lewis as Chadwick - Walter Hobbs' Assistant, and Madisyn Spurlock as Santa's Helper


Walter Hobbs portrayed by Micah Burchett with Palmer Smith starring as Mr. Greenway


(l-r):  Palmer Smith as Mr. Greenway, Micah Burchett as Walter Hobbs, and Rileigh Strunk as Deb

boss baby

Micah Burchett starring as Walter Hobbs

two kids

Abbygale Humphrye as Emma Van Brocklin and William Graves as Macy's Fake Santa

buddy and family

(l-r): Buddy played by Nicholas Meece, Walter Hobbs by Micah Burchett, Haylee Huff as Emily Hobbs, and Riley Jones as Michael Hobbs


(l-r): Chloe Williams as Shawanda with Santa's Elves Emma Burnett, Isabella Tucker, Ainslee Dolen, and Emily Gregory


Joyce Dominguez as Matthew - Walter Hobbs' Assistant


The Macy's Ensemble 


(l-r): Abbygale Humphrye as Emma Van Brocklin,Brennan Morin as Policeman #1 and Macy's Security Guard #1, Hailey Piercy as Mom at Macy's


The Cast and Staff from Elf The Musical Jr.

Front Row: Bryson Smith, Palmer Smith, Micah Burchett, Nicholas Meece, Haylee Huff, Rileigh Strunk, Jorja Criswell, William Graves, Emily Gregory, and Jackson Reichenbach

Second Row: Ainslee Dolen, Emma Burnett, Abbygale Humphrey, Harlow Clark, Chloe Williams, Isabella Tucker, Harper Clark

Third Row: Madisyn Spurlock, Hailey Piercy, Parker Smith, Jana Kachaceche, Riley Jones, Brennan Morin, Joyce Dominguez, Chelsey Lewis, Emily Shearer

Fourth Row: Samantha Cummings, Anita Peters, Charlie Peters, Jared Duncan, Panesia Humble, Leslie Randall, and Julie Pyles


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