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Representing Wayne County JROTC at Junior Cadet Leadership Camp 2018 Cadet Sergeant Daniel J Ward earned the overall JCLC Battalion Leadership Award. This marks the second year in a row that a Wayne County cadet has earned this very prestigious award and is a testament to the exceptional academic and personal character Wayne County cadets exemplify. Cadet Sergeant Ward was selected to represent his school for distinguishing himself as a Cadet First Sergeant on day one of JCLC. This is a very difficult position for a cadet of his LET level to serve because of his inexperience. Cadet Ward was not fazed by the leadership challenge his position posed as he readily accepted his position and the responsibility that went with it.

His primary responsibility was to greet the incoming cadets from nine different schools as they arrived at camp. He had to organize the cadets into squads and give them instructions on where they would be housed, what platoon and squad they would be assigned to and where they would be sleeping for the next five days. Cadet Ward was assisted by Platoon Sergeant Sebastian Koger, Platoon Sergeant Nathan Baber and Platoon Leader Leah Ramsey during his duty performance. Cadet Ward also had to coordinate with the incoming Cadet Company Commander on formations and movement of the Company to designated sites during the training day.

His impressive performance of duty and knowledge of the JROTC LET 1 Curriculum earned him the privilege of representing Wayne County High School JROTC at the Battalion Leadership Board. This board is held on the last evening of camp. Each school represented at the camp sends one representative who has served in a camp leadership role before the leadership board. This year 19 different schools composed Alpha and Bravo Companies.

The Leadership Board began with all 19 cadets taking a 68-question Classroom Performance System Test (CPS). CPS is a test taking procedure used throughout JROTC that most schools use to access student performance. CPS test questions are projected onto a screen and answered using a remote device resembling a TV remote. This device allows students to click in the correct answer and advance the test to the next question. Cadet Ward and two other cadets, one from Montgomery County High School and one from Rockcastle County High School were the top three cadets who answered the highest percentage of the 68 questions asked during the CPS test.  Cadet Ward answered a very impressive 81% of the questions presented, which was the highest score among 19 cadets taking the test. Their performance allowed them to appear before the final phase of the Leadership Board. This required the three cadets to appear before the Camp Command Sergeant Major, and two Company First Sergeants. Cadets had to enter a room where board members were seated, report in to the president of the board and to answer questions asked them by board members. This is where Cadet Ward really made an impression. He reported to the president of the board using strict military discipline and bearing. He gave a personal biography and answered every question he was asked using exceptional bearing and poise.

“Cadet Ward’s appearance before the board was exceptional,” said First Sergeant Snyder, the Alpha Company First Sergeant and board member. “Cadet Ward was very composed and demonstrated excellent bearing and communications skills. There was no doubt when he was dismissed by the board that his performance was well above the other two cadets who appeared before the board.”

His board performance, exceptional duty performance and overall leadership qualities are what earned Cadet Ward the very distinguished Battalion Leadership Award. “It is a great honor to have one of our top cadets excel at JCLC and to bring home the overall Battalion Leadership Award,” noted First Sergeant Snyder. “We are certainly proud of Cadet Ward and know he will continue to set the example for all Wayne County JROTC Cadets. MEGA HOOAH CADET WARD!”


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