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EKU Professor and Tim Withers

EKU Professor, Dr. Scott Townsend, recently visited Tim Wither’s art class to check out his 3-D Printing and design course. In this visit, Withers was able to show off his student’s capabilities with the program and his own knowledge of it.

For this project, Withers did a scan of Miss Kentucky, who just so happened to be visiting the high school. The product turned out well, and the professor was impressed. The students showcased their understanding of the program and its workings to him, as well.

“His students were true professionals showing me how the system worked,” Dr. Townsend stated in a thank you post back to the teacher. “Thanks for a great day, Mr. Withers! I can see how these students will be leaving your class with tons of skills no test could ever begin to measure!”

The program, as shown by this display of knowledge, is giving the students skills in 3-D printing and the design thereof that is impressive to those working in higher education.




EKU Professor Scott Townsend with Tim Withers WCHS Art Teacher


Tim Withers scaning Miss Kentucky as she rotated in a 365 degree circle to create a 3D image


Tim Withers recording a digital scan of Miss KY


The scanner used for the 3D printing

showcase 1

One of two showcases of the students' 3-D printer works

showcase 2

The second shelf of 3-D printed items

space boy

A printed Apollo astronaut

abraham lincoln

A 3-D printed bust of Abraham Lincoln


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