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Wrestling Team Competes In the Rooster Rumble

Kurtis Karr

The Wayne County Wrestling team finished third overall in the 18 team Rooster Rumble dual tournament at Alcoa Tennessee on Thursday December 28. The Mat Cards improved to 23 - 4 on the season.

Dual meet scores were:

Wayne County 46  Red Bank 27

Wayne County 78  Greenback 0

Wayne County 51  Maryville 26

Wayne County 27 Heritage 47

Wayne County 21 Grissom Al. 45

 The Mat Cards will be back in action on Saturday January 6 when they host their Cardinal Classic. Start time is 10 am at the Rodney Woods Gymnasium.


Colton Morrow

Colton Morrow


Devin Sanders

Devin Sanders


Keelan Dick

Keelan Dick


Kurtis Karr

Kurtis Karr


Wayne County Midseason Individual Wrestler Rankings

106- Keelan Dick (9th) #13 in the state

113- Mauro Lopez (12th) #10 in the state

120- Cagen Wallace (12th) #1 in the state

126- Cauy Wallace (10th) #7 in the state

138- Johnathan Shepherd (11th) #13 in the state

145- Jarod Phillips (11th) #19 in the state

182- Chris Dunagan (11th) #20 in the state

220- Jonathan Gregory (11th) #5 in the state

285- Christian Denney (11th) #2 in the state


Red Bank vs. Wayne County @ Rooster Rumble (Alcoa Tn) on 12/28/2017.


Wayne County (WACO) 48.00 Red Bank (REBA) 27.00

138: Jonathan Shephard (WACO) over Caden Cline (REBA) (Fall 3:44) 145: Jared Phillips (WACO) over Alex Cagle (REBA) (Fall 1:13) 152: Julian Causey (REBA) over Dustin Vaughn (WACO) (Dec 7-6) 160: Kurtis Karr (WACO) over   (REBA) (For.) 170: Ashton Tubbs (REBA) over Colton Morrow (WACO) (Fall 1:22) 182: Jackson Hash (REBA) over   (WACO) (For.) 195: Devin Sanders (WACO) over Gabriel Welch (REBA) (Fall 1:32) 220: Jonathan  Gregory (WACO) over   (REBA) (For.) 285: Jeremiah Welch (REBA) over Matthew Dunagan (WACO) (Fall 2:15) 106: Keelan Dick (WACO) over Kyle Harper (REBA) (Fall 1:00) 113: Mauro Lopez (WACO) over   (REBA) (For.) 120: Cagen Wallace (WACO) over Christopher  Cagle (REBA) (Fall 0:58) 126: Gage Evans (REBA) over Samuel Beckley (WACO) (Dec 3-1) 132: Zachary Gee (REBA) over Cauy Wallace (WACO) (Dec 2-0) 



Maryville vs. Wayne County @ Rooster Rumble (Alcoa Tn) on 12/28/2017.


Wayne County (WACO) 51.00 Maryville (MARY) 26.00

152: Jared Phillips (WACO) over Alaeldin Gibril (MARY) (Dec 6-4) 160: Kurtis Karr (WACO) over Bryson Shaver (MARY) (Fall 1:30) 170: Colton Morrow (WACO) over tristan pack (MARY) (Fall 3:16) 182: Andre Carson (MARY) over   (WACO) (For.) 195: dalton crisp (MARY) over Devin Sanders (WACO) (MD 12-3) 220: Jonathan  Gregory (WACO) over   (MARY) (For.) 285: William Sloan (MARY) over Matthew Dunagan (WACO) (Fall 1:13) 106: Keelan Dick (WACO) over Zuriel Hampton-Coffin (MARY) (Fall 0:47) 113: Mauro Lopez (WACO) over dylan fall (MARY) (Fall 0:57) 120: Cagen Wallace (WACO) over Layton Hall-Croft (MARY) (Fall 0:33) 126: Cauy Wallace (WACO) over Parker Hill (MARY) (Fall 3:01) 132: colby mccall (MARY) over Samuel Beckley (WACO) (MD 11-2) 138: Jonathan Shephard (WACO) over Michael  Steverson (MARY) (Fall 4:42) 145: Samuel Morris (MARY) over Dustin Vaughn (WACO) (Fall 1:14)



Grissom Hs vs. Wayne County @ Rooster Rumble (Alcoa Tn) on 12/28/2017.


Grissom Hs (GRHS) 45.00 Wayne County (WACO) 21.00

160: JACOB DAUGHERTY (GRHS) over Kurtis Karr (WACO) (Dec 12-5) 170: HUNTER BIGGS (GRHS) over Colton Morrow (WACO) (Fall 2:57) 182: GARY SMITH (GRHS) over Chris Dunagan (WACO) (Fall 3:47) 195: ELI RICE (GRHS) over Devin Sanders (WACO) (TB-1 7-5) 220: HARRISON HEMMERLY (GRHS) over   (WACO) (For.) 285: Matthew Dunagan (WACO) over   (GRHS) (For.) 106: JON MICHAEL TURIS (GRHS) over Keelan Dick (WACO) (Dec 8-4) 113: Mauro Lopez (WACO) over TREVON SMITH (GRHS) (Dec 5-2) 120: Cagen Wallace (WACO) over ANDREW WIGGS (GRHS) (Fall 0:33) 126: JACKSON MCWHORTER (GRHS) over Samuel Beckley (WACO) (Dec 6-1) 132: CADE KELLY (GRHS) over Cauy Wallace (WACO) (Dec 6-3) 138: Jonathan Shephard (WACO) over ETHAN TURNER (GRHS) (Fall 4:38) 145: JONATHAN HANDY (GRHS) over Jared Phillips (WACO) (Fall 1:12) 152: WARREN HOYT (GRHS) over Dustin Vaughn (WACO) (Fall 3:11)



Wayne County vs. Heritage @ Rooster Rumble (Alcoa Tn) on 12/28/2017.


Heritage (HERI) 47.00 Wayne County (WACO) 27.00

182: wyatt snow (HERI) over   (WACO) (For.) 195: Chris  Williams (HERI) over Devin Sanders (WACO) (Fall 0:29) 220: Javier Salvador (HERI) over   (WACO) (For.) 285: Jacob Coppenger (HERI) over Matthew Dunagan (WACO) (Fall 0:12) 106: Keelan Dick (WACO) over Michael  Norton (HERI) (Fall 1:14) 113: Mauro Lopez (WACO) over Hunter  Davis (HERI) (Dec 10-3) 120: Cagen Wallace (WACO) over Zachary Teaster (HERI) (Fall 1:28) 126: Brayan Sanchez (HERI) over Samuel Beckley (WACO) (Fall 1:21) 132: Cauy Wallace (WACO) over Nathan Hollman (HERI) (Dec 5-2) 138: Jonathan Shephard (WACO) over Vili Bussey (HERI) (Dec 3-2) 145: Jared Phillips (WACO) over James Ahern (HERI) (Fall 1:42) 152: Joshua Teaster (HERI) over Dustin Vaughn (WACO) (Fall 0:15) 160: Gilmore Ortiz (HERI) over Kurtis Karr (WACO) (Fall 1:39) 170: Jerimiah Mynatt (HERI) over Colton Morrow (WACO) (Fall 3:41) (HERI Unsportsmanlike -1.00)





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