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Wayne County Mat Cards

The Wayne County Wrestling team competed in the ten team Meade County Tsunami Duals on Thursday December 21 at Brandonburg Kentucky. The Mat Cardinals finished 4 -1 on the day and runner-up in the dual tournament. Dual meet scores were

Wayne County 45      Jeffersonville In. 26

Wayne County 75      Owensboro 6

Wayne County 78       Central Hardin 6

Wayne County 60       Louisville Central 18

Wayne County 36       Larue County 41    championship

The team improves to 17-2 on the season. The Mat Cards were back in action Wednesday, December 27th, as they hosted the Border Wars at home.



Christian Denney

Christian Denney


Colton Morrow

Colton Morrow


Johnathan Shepherd

Johnathan Shepherd


Ryan Jhanke

Ryan Jahnke


Group photo

Wayne County Wrestling Team






Jeffersonville vs. Wayne County @ Meade County Tsunami on 12/20/2017.


Wayne County (WACO) 45.00 Jeffersonville (JEFF) 26.00

106: Keelan Dick (WACO) over   (JEFF) (For.) 113: Jeramiah  Cain (JEFF) over Ryan Jahnke (WACO) (Dec 7-6) 120: Cagen Wallace (WACO) over Connor  Gilles (JEFF) (Fall 1:32) 126: Samuel Beckley (WACO) over Jacob Laughlin (JEFF) (MD 15-6) 132: Cauy Wallace (WACO) over Xavier Gatton (JEFF) (Fall 1:58) 138: Jonathan Shephard (WACO) over Christian Deleon (JEFF) (TF 15-0 0:00) 145: Tyler Patty (JEFF) over Dustin Vaughn (WACO) (MD 15-2) 152: Jared Phillips (WACO) over Xzavier Dorsch (JEFF) (Fall 1:33) 160: Cory Livers (JEFF) over Kurtis Karr (WACO) (MD 16-5) 170: Dylan Thompson (JEFF) over Colton Morrow (WACO) (Dec 5-4) 182: Josh  Craig (JEFF) over Chris Dunagan (WACO) (Fall 3:13) 195: Devin Sanders (WACO) over Seth Scott (JEFF) (Fall 5:31) 220: Andrew  Campbell (JEFF) over   (WACO) (For.) 285:  Denney Christian  (WACO) over Edward Monroe (JEFF) (Fall 1:08)


Owensboro vs. Wayne County @ Meade County Tsunami on 12/20/2017.


Wayne County (WACO) 75.00 Owensboro (OWEN) 6.00

113: Ryan Jahnke (WACO) over Aiden Neal (OWEN) (Fall 0:35) 120: Cagen Wallace (WACO) over   (OWEN) (For.) 126: Samuel Beckley (WACO) over Noah Kirkman (OWEN) (SV-1 9-7) 132: Cauy Wallace (WACO) over Anthony Trogden (OWEN) (Fall 1:01) 138: Jonathan Shephard (WACO) over Dakota Duvall (OWEN) (Fall 0:23) 145: Dustin Vaughn (WACO) over   (OWEN) (For.) 152: Jared Phillips (WACO) over   (OWEN) (For.) 160: Kurtis Karr (WACO) over Kadyn Davidson (OWEN) (Fall 3:53) 170: Colton Morrow (WACO) over   (OWEN) (For.) 182: Chris Dunagan (WACO) over Jordan Neal (OWEN) (Fall 1:41) 195: Devin Sanders (WACO) over   (OWEN) (For.) 220: Garrett Ogle (OWEN) over   (WACO) (For.) 285:  Denney Christian  (WACO) over Nate Humphrey (OWEN) (Fall 5:34) 106: Keelan Dick (WACO) over Jalenn Neal (OWEN) (Fall 0:43)


Central Hardin vs. Wayne County @ Meade County Tsunami on 12/20/2017.


Wayne County (WACO) 78.00 Central Hardin (CEHA) 6.00

132: Cauy Wallace (WACO) over Peter Mark (CEHA) (Fall 0:39) 138: Jonathan Shephard (WACO) over Blandon Frye (CEHA) (Fall 0:50) 145: Dustin Vaughn (WACO) over Isiah Davis (CEHA) (Fall 0:36) 152: Jared Phillips (WACO) over Landon Barnes (CEHA) (Fall 0:59) 160: Kurtis Karr (WACO) over Trent Ferguson (CEHA) (Fall 1:29) 170: Colton Morrow (WACO) over Cody Moore (CEHA) (Fall 0:36) 182: Chris Dunagan (WACO) over Malakai Witten (CEHA) (Fall 0:23) 195: Josh Volentine (CEHA) over   (WACO) (For.) 220: Jordon West (WACO) over Jack Lehman (CEHA) (Fall 3:13) 285:  Denney Christian  (WACO) over   (CEHA) (For.) 106: Keelan Dick (WACO) over   (CEHA) (For.) 113: Ryan Jahnke (WACO) over   (CEHA) (For.) 120: Cagen Wallace (WACO) over Jakob Norwood (CEHA) (Fall 1:26) 126: Samuel Beckley (WACO) over Eli Haycraft (CEHA) (Fall 0:49)


Central vs. Wayne County @ Meade County Tsunami on 12/20/2017.


Wayne County (WACO) 60.00 Central (CENT) 18.00

126: Samuel Beckley (WACO) over Charles Sanders (CENT) (Dec 3-2) 132: Cauy Wallace (WACO) over Justin Brizendine (CENT) (Fall 1:47) 138: Jonathan Shephard (WACO) over Damon Smith (CENT) (Fall 3:59) 145: Brysen  Little (CENT) over Dustin Vaughn (WACO) (Fall 1:07) 152: Jared Phillips (WACO) over Bryce Edward-Burks (CENT) (Fall 0:13) 160: Kurtis Karr (WACO) over Thomas Cheatham (CENT) (Fall 0:54) 170: Colton Morrow (WACO) over Isaiah  Stephenson (CENT) (Fall 1:35) 182: Chris Dunagan (WACO) over Terrance Crawford (CENT) (Fall 1:04) 195: Anthony Kennedy (CENT) over   (WACO) (For.) 220: Grover Russell (CENT) over   (WACO) (For.) 285:  Denney Christian  (WACO) over Brandon Key (CENT) (Dec 5-2) 106: Keelan Dick (WACO) over Lee Florexile (CENT) (Fall 1:19) 113: Ryan Jahnke (WACO) over   (CENT) (For.) 120: Cagen Wallace (WACO) over Marquelle McDaniel (CENT) (Fall 1:24)





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