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Congrats to Wayne County Archery Program on hosting first NASP Tournament locally with 275 shooters competing on December 9th



Elementary Female:  1st place -   Avery Gregory
                                      2nd place – Morgan Cross
                                      3rd place – Addison Edwards
                                      4th place – Audrey Humphries
                                      5th place – Kayla Grider

Elementary Male:  1 st place – Quinton Abbott
                                   2nd place – Nathanael Wright
                                   3rd place – Caleb Sargent
                                   4th place – William Chumbley
                                   5th place – Ethan Owens

Middle School Female:  1 st place – Jasmin Coffey
                                           2nd place – Chloe Kidd
                                           3rd place – Brayleigh Butcher
                                           5th place – Katelyn Godsey

Middle School Male:  2nd place – Owen Morrow
                                       3rd place – Wesley Jones

Monticello Elementary – 1 st place
Wayne County Middle School – 1 st place
Wayne County High School – 3 rd place



The trophy stand

Monticello Elementary Awards

Audrey Humphries, Addison Edwards, Morgan Cross, and Avery Gregory recieving individual Monticello Elementary trophies

Monticello Elementary Individual Award

Quinton Abbott recieveing his individual Monticello Elementary trophy

Middle School Individual Awards

Katelyn Godesy, a shooter from the opposing team, Brayleigh Butcher, Chloe Kidd, and Jasmin Coffey recieved individual trophies for the top female shooters for middle schoolers

Individual Awards

Wesley Jones, Owen Morrow and two other shooters recieved individual trophies for the top male shooters for middle schoolers

Monticello Elementary Award

(l-r): Addison Edwards, Morgan Cross, Audrey Humphries, Avery Gregory, Kensey Bowlin, Quinton Abbott, Allison Bell, and Aaron Hathaway

Wayne County Monticello Elementary Team Award for First Place

Middle School Award

(l-r front): Callie Jones, Chloe Kidd, Jasmine Abbott, Katelyn Godesy, Robert Lewis

Savannah Ramsey, Emily Dishman, Brayleigh Butcher, and Ameila Ramsay

(l-r back): Jasmine Coffey, Owen Morrow, Wesley Jones, David Xi, Ty Piercy

Wayne County Middle School Team Award for First Place

Wayne County High School Award

(l-r front): Ragan Shelton, Nina Ni, Breanna Tuggle, Shelby Bell, Arin Edwards, and Abby Smith

(l-r back): Elliott Cross, Cole Edwards, Hallie Pyles, and Kaitlyn Dishman

Wayne County High School Team Award for Third Place

Archer Justin Hancock

Justin Hancock

Team Archers

Cole Edwards, Bryce Catron, and Elliot Cross

Student Archer Ryan Marcum

Ryan Marcum

Student Archers

Noah Jones, Emily Dishman, Tanner Floyd

Monticello Elementary Shooters

The Monticello Elementary team prepares for the match

High School ARCHERS

Nina Ni and Ragan Shelton shooting

High School Students

Keelay Bertram and Madison Coffey

Student Archers

Brayleigh Butcher

Student Archers

Archers prepare to shoot

High School Shooters

Autumn Campbell, Madison Coffey, and Keelay Bertram

Wayne County Shooters

Archers preparing to compete

Autumn Cambell

Autumn Campbell shoots during the match

Student Archer

Archer sets aim on the target

Student Archer

Elliott Cross prepares to shoot

Group Picture

Wayne County Archery Team


Collected Arrows from the targets were set aside

Wayne County Archery Shirt

Wayne County Archery t-shirt


(Some of the photos are in courtesy of Wade Upchurch)

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