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Go Cards Award Winners Celebrated

MVP Award Winners Valerie Hutchinson and George Snyder


Valerie Hutchinson and George Snyder

MVP Award Winners Valerie Hutchinson and George Snyder

George Snyder

WCHS Certified/District Certified MVP Recipient George Snyder

Valerie Hutchinson

District Classified Recipient/MVP Award Winner Valerie Hutchinson

Carol Skeese

Walker Classified Recipient Carol Skeese

Stacy Corder

Walker Certified Recipient Stacey Corder

Tammy Stinson

Bell Elementary Classified Recipient Tammy Stinson (Not pictured was Bell Elementary Certified Recepient Mary Wright.)

Betty Rains

Monticello Elementary Classified Recipient Betty Rains

Katina Shearer

Monticello Elementary Certified Recipient Katina Shearer

Terri Fairchild

Middle School Classified Recipient Terri Fairchild

Moddie Miller

Middle School Certified Recipient Moddie Miller

Karen Campbell

WCHS Classified Recipient Karen Campbell

Group Photo

(L-R) Front Row: Betty Rains, Katina Shearer, Superintendent Wayne Roberts, Stacey Corder, Carol Skeese

(L-R) Back Row: Moddie Miller, George Snyder, Valerie Hutchinson, Karen Campbell, Tammy Stinson, Terri Fairchild, Monticello Bank Senior Executive Officer Jean Hicks, School Board Chairperson Donna Blevins

(Not Pictured: Mary Wright-Bell Elementary Certified Recipient)




     Each year, individual staff members are recognized at the start of the school year for the Go Cards Awards for their service the prior school year. Students, teachers and community members nominate them and share written comments (which appear below) why these folks are worthy of praise. The nominations that came in this year for the following individuals was heartfelt and very well deserved.

Carol Skeese-Walker Early Learning Center ESL Para-Educator

     Carol is an outstanding employee who is always willing to help others and share ideas. She exhibits excellent practices, dedication, and a true heart for helping children on a daily basis. She is an amazing person who brings out the best in the children, colleagues, and the families she works with. Her students are always eager to get to school to see what Ms. Carol is going to do each day. She puts in time before and after school to plan and be prepared for the next day or days to come. She collaborates with all teachers to ensure that she was on track with what the students are to be learning in class. She does a wonderful job monitoring her students and their progress. She has a loving rapport with the students. She is very conscientious and open to implementing research based best practices. She continues to prepare herself to be the best she can be and seeks engaging, ongoing professional development, even doing so on her own time.

     In addition, both of her own personal children received the citizenship awards this year at the high school – a direct reflection of the model she has set before them each day. She takes ownership of students at Walker, as if they were her own.

     She demonstrates passion, hard work, an ability to listen, willingness to collaborate with colleagues, and a desire to give children an outstanding education.

Stacey Corder-Walker Early Learning Center RTA Teacher

     A 30-year veteran, who loves to come to work and make a difference in the lives of children. Each child enters the classroom with a unique and valuable set of life experiences, and her goal is to use the tools she has to help them develop a love of reading. She first builds relationships with her students. She learns what motivates them, and then capitalizes on their skills to help them become confident readers. She continually examines her teaching techniques adapting practices to address the needs of an increasingly diverse student body, understanding different learning styles, and incorporating various assessment strategies. She strives to create an active, collaborative learning environment filled with curiosity and inquiry in which all participants are both teachers and learners and where students can discover knowledge rather than be passive recipients. She inspires, challenges, and nurtures the minds of her students as they discover the art of reading.

     She is an encourager to her fellow colleagues - motivating and inspires them. She has also led PLCs, helped teachers define goals for themselves, and helped to build a community of learners who have a growth mindset. She has become a mentor at her building and the district.

     In addition, she has helped write grants, planned activities for students beyond the traditional school day, and sought resources to help improve instruction for students. She gives selflessly of her time and talents to improve Wayne County Schools.

Tammy Stinson – Bell Elementary Instructional Assistant in Computer Lab

     First and foremost, Tammy Stinson never complains about any task she is given. She is always super hardworking and dedicated to her job. She is definitely someone teachers can count on and trust to do anything they asked her to do. Not only did she work in the computer lab, but whenever she was free, she would make herself available in a nearby classroom and ask what she could do to help. Her help has been very much appreciated.

     She also establishes relationships with all of the students she comes in contact with and the kiddos love her for that.

Mary Wright- Bell Elementary School Special Education Teacher

     Mary Wright always puts the student first. For example, when she was asked to go to a KPREP training, she asked if she could attend the training after school, instead of during the school day so that she would not miss instruction time with her students. If she sees any student struggling, she will pull that student out for individualized help. She frequently gives up her duty free lunch, allowing students to eat lunch in the classroom with her as a reward. During that time, not only will they eat lunch, but she will also allow them to read a book to her if the student is behind on AR or finish any unfinished classwork or homework. She teaches these students how to share and support each other. Her efforts have now turned into over ten students eating with her on a daily basis, in which she smiles and just says, “This is my lunch bunch”.

     Mrs. Mary had four students dismissed from special education in one room and six that made significant growth in another this past school year. She has high expectations for both academics and behaviors set for her students, because of this they strive to reach those expectations. The students have a different outlook on learning because of her. They are excited to work, to go to her room, they are confident to raise their hand in class, or to be a part of class discussions.

     While walking the halls of Bell Elementary you will rarely see Mrs. Mary without a child by her side.

Betty Rains – Monticello Elementary Instructional Assistant

     Betty Rains is an excellent employee who deserves recognition for a variety of reasons. To begin with, she is very punctual, exceptionally dependable, and can be relied upon to devote her best to any task assigned to her.

     She also takes the initiative to step in wherever needed for whatever reason when available staff are limited. She is always cordial and friendly to students, parents, and staff, and she conducts herself very professionally in the execution of all of her duties. She is a very caring individual and is well liked and appreciated by the entire school community.

Katina Shearer – Monticello Elementary Third Grade Teacher

     Dynamic, energetic, lively, spirited and tireless are just a few words to describe Katina Shearer. She always has a smile on her face and a spring in her step. Her classroom is welcoming to students and parents alike.

     This teacher is known for forming lifelong connections with children that will never be broken and have an impact on them the rest of their lives. These connections can be easily observed at the end of the year awards day. As her class was standing and waiting on their names to be called, she hugged, smiled and patted each student on the back before they walked up front to receive their awards from the principal. She connected with each child as the smiles and hugs were exchanged. She helped each child to feel special and proud as they awaited their turn. You can just tell she loves her students and her students love her as well.

     This teacher can often be seen at extra-curricular activities and sporting events with her children and family. Not only does she cheer on her own children but all the children around her. She is always bragging on how well they are doing or how well they are playing and how proud she is of them.

     Ms. Katina takes the time to connect with all of her students making them feel loved, safe and secure.

Terri Fairchild – Wayne County Middle School Office Clerk

     Terri Fairchild is a vital asset to WCMS. She is the nucleus of most daily operations within the building, especially the ones that run through the office. She conducts herself with a tremendous amount of professionalism and grace under some of the most hectic conditions possible. She can answer and direct phone calls, while passing out bus notes, responding to requests on the radio and allowing someone to enter the building. All the while, she is completing record requests and enrolling new students, answering Infinite Campus questions and making changes to schedules for the third time in one week.

     Yes, Mrs. Terri does have good help in the front office, but Mrs. Terri is everyone’s “go to” for a reason….she usually has the answers and if she does not, she is already planning how to find out.

     She is supportive to staff, kind to students and extremely flexible. Thanks to Mrs. Terri and her skill set, everyone’s load feels a little lighter.

Moddie Miller – Wayne County Middle School Teacher

     Moddie Miller has an energy and passion for students that cannot be matched. She is an inspiration to those that meet her. Above all things, she is truly there for the students.

     She is an excellent counselor and coach to students. She loves the kids on their best days, and more importantly on their worst days.

     She enthusiastically endorses the school store and inspires students to use their talents to master organizational, entrepreneurship, and retail skills. She sees the big picture and is a visionary. She is willing to put in the time to see programs reach their full potential. She is articulate and has even been called upon to be a school spokesperson.

     She really tries to make a difference in her students’ lives and genuinely cares about them. She is admired for her dedication.

Karen Campbell – Wayne County High School Receptionist

     Karen Campbell is simply awesome. She is one of the most positive people on campus. Not only does she answer the phone a blue million times a day, shuffles through papers another billion times a day, calls teachers for their classroom attendance, and directs constant traffic throughout the school - but she does all of that with an extremely positive attitude and a smile on her face.

     If she does not have the answer to a question, she will search endlessly to find it for you. She is one of the hubs of Wayne County High School and without her, they could not function. It is not really hard to understand why the students, teachers, parents, and anyone who comes in contact with her loves her so much.

     She is a sincerely positive person who enhances many students’ days at Wayne County High School. Karen is both friends to teachers and student alike. She goes above and beyond to help people. It does not matter who you are, you always feel good when you encounter her and teachers especially appreciate her and are thankful she works at the high school. She makes Wayne County High School a special place.

Valerie Hutchinson –IT Maintenance Technician/MVP Classified Staff Member

     Nicknamed the “queen of technology” Valerie Hutchinson is the glue that holds the technology department together. She is bombarded daily with “break fix” requests from very simple to truly complex issues. She handles all with a positive “can do” attitude and works tirelessly to attain a fix for the issue.

     In addition to the help desk issues, she is the chief “data person” for the district servings as a valuable resource for Infinite Campus and e-Rate issues. She has helped save the district thousands of dollars by finding ways the district could cut phone lines and streamline the phone system. She has also helped bring millions of dollars in e-Rate funds into the district over the years to allow the schools to have a network that is second to none in the state.

     She is so attentive to the minutest of detail. She never hesitates to take on any challenge or difficult task such as setting up iPads and Chromebook at the beginning of the school year for the students. She also makes sure that these projects are completed. Words that come to mind when thinking of Ms. Val are: diligence, commitment, invaluable, commendable, and dedicated.

     Her skills are not limited to the working space. She has always maintained a very positive and friendly attitude towards all the staff. She is also able to work under pressure and has always managed to solve stressful situations. She is a selfless person who goes out of her way to help others. She is a loveable person to have around, is a hard worker and always tries to create a positive ambiance. She epitomizes all the right things in the Wayne County School system.

1SG George Snyder – JROTC Instructor/MVP Certified Staff Member

     He has been described as a “true” teacher by cadets and teachers. He is the epitome of integrity, filled with character, and has made a difference and huge impact on the Wayne County School campus over the past 25 years. He has empowered the staff and the students to be better people – leading by example every single day.

     He is a career soldier with 20 plus years serving this country, so his knowledge base of leadership, organizational skills, management, honor, respect and life skills that he has brought to the JROTC program is one of the reasons that the Cardinal Battalion has achieved Honor Unit with Distinction every year. He believes in the program and that drive, love and dedication is instilled in the cadets.

      He cannot be matched when it comes to being driven to help, teach and nurture students both inside and outside his class. Many students consider him to be a father figure. He has never made someone feel indifferent because of who they were or where they came from. He loves each student that he comes across and pushes them to reach their highest potential. In fact, it has not been uncommon for him to give students food to take home for the weekend, provide rides home, purchased clothing for students, mourned the loss of parents alongside students, played the role of both father and mother figure to young people who have none. He has shown tough love when appropriate and many times the nurturer students are missing.

     Besides leading extra-curricular JROTC teams after school and at weekend competitions, he volunteers to help any way that he can within the school and community. Whether it is picking up trash along roads, clean ups at the lake, making a walking trail at the park, cooking and delivering Thanksgiving meals, or marching in parades – he is leading and encouraging the cause. He has been an asset to the 21 st century summer camp as an instructor and bus driver for years. In fact, the number of hours he has logged driving a school bus for his cadets would make most transit drivers in big cities jealous.

     One former cadet witnessed him on his hands-and-knees scrubbing the inside of a school bus on a Saturday getting ready to drive his cadets and their dates in formal attire to the military ball. He was working to make countless small details come together in hopes that the students would have the best and most memorable night of their lives-to-date.

     He strives to produce first class students inspiring effort, achievement, and awakening joy in learning and knowledge. He has inspired cadets to enter all kinds of professions, as well as teaching to emulate his exceptional style and love for children. He and his fellow instructors have even motivated young people to fight for their country, after mentoring and instilling extremely high values in them.

     It doesn’t matter who walks through the doorway of his classroom – male or female, wealthy or poor, freshman or senior – they will be met with respect and will be treated with dignity. He has a servant’s heart.

     Having Sergeant Snyder on staff is a great start for future generations to get a first-hand look at what it means to be a great person. He is the gold standard. His job is his passion and his students and this community are his family. He dedicates 100 percent of himself to his job, because it is more than just a job – it is his calling.

     He deserves so much more than any of us can give him. Sergeant Snyder is not flashy or a showman…he is just a man who loves his job, loves working hard and loves his cadets….wish we were all a George Snyder.

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