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Wayne County Schools will cancel classes Monday, August 21st on the day of the solar eclipse.

The district’s administration carefully considered their options in determining whether to stay in school on Monday, especially with such an impressive kick off on the first day of classes, because they did not want to lose any momentum.

However, there were several issues that arose in going ahead and having school on Monday. Low attendance was expected to be a problem since all of the neighboring school districts, along with many other school districts statewide, decided to close.

The safety of the children was the most significant factor in canceling classes. Proper eye protection is being strongly recommended by eye doctors to avoid any temporary or permanent eye damage from the sun. The schools ordered special solar eclipse glasses for the students in advance because they wanted to take advantage of the historic event and make it a teachable moment for students.

The eye protectors will be sent home with the students to use on Monday from most of the schools, along with information related to the eclipse. Unfortunately, some of the schools had to re-order the protective glasses because the manufacturers were unable to certify the safety of their products. This created a time crunch in the delivery arrival time for students to receive the glasses at Bell Elementary. The school district regrets that they will not have enough glasses to cover those students, so their families will need to purchase those glasses privately.

The day will be used as a new non-traditional instruction (NIT) day for students where they can safely experience the eclipse and study at home.

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