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Derrick Harris

Derrick Harris, Principal

CREATIVE INSTRUCTION: At Bell Elementary, our goal is to provide learning opportunities for engaged learners in high energy classrooms. Each instructor is given the task to specially design instruction to reach all student learning styles. Students learn differently so our instruction attempts to mirror those differences.

CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: It is never too early to become a critical thinker and in an ever changing/competitive world, our mission is to create students that can think independently and critically. Our focus is to go above and beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic, to create a climate of inquiry based learning and thinking.

COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT: Bell Elementary has a structure made up of 1st & 2nd grade with a focus on curriculum, specially designing instruction, and student assessment. All school bodies ranging from the parents, family resource center to the SBDM council will work hand and hand to provide relevant educational opportunities.

COMMUNITY: Strong community ties are important to having a successful school culture. Our parents, business partners, local stakeholders, and school family will work together, more than ever before to have a community school that serves one another. We envision our school being the heartbeat and center of activity meeting the needs of an ever changing culture.



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