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Recently, Bell Elementary PE teacher Lois Bradley portrayed the Tooth Fairy in an act she’d put together involving several of the school’s second graders. Together, she and her helpers educated the students on proper dental hygiene.

She began by explaining that we develop teeth when we are young that we lose before adulthood. She spoke about how our adult teeth are supposed to last as long as we are, as long as we take care of them. “So if you live to be one hundred your teeth should still be in your head,” she stated. She explained that we need our teeth in order to chew our food, to talk correctly, and in order to have a beautiful smile.

Next, she told the students how to make sure their teeth remained permanent. She elaborated on plaque, and how important it is to make sure we brush our teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. She told us we need to brush for two minutes at a time. We also need to replace our toothbrushes every three months, and whenever we’ve gotten sick and used them. Using volunteers, she showed how to floss and why it’s important. She explained that after we brush our teeth, we don’t need to consume sugary things or anything other than water because they create plaque.

Lastly, several students participated in the act, dressed up as things such as a toothbrush, floss, and a dentist. They delivered lines in order to punctuate what Lois Bradley had spoken about. They sang a song called My Shiny Teeth.

Everyone left the program very well informed, and ready to brush twice a day and keep the nasty plaque at bay.


loid bradley

Physical education teacher Lois Bradley as the Tooth Fairy

children performing

The Tooth Fairy and her helpers perform a presentation to promote healthy dental hygiene


Nate Chriswell, the number two


"I'm an important tool in keeping teeth healthy," says Toothbrush Will Graves


Dentist Genisis Coy taught us that dentists are friendly and can help keep our smiles beautiful

caleb jones

"I am very good for your teeh because I am full of calcium to make teeth strong," Caleb Jones told the audience as he portrayed milk

toothpaste aaron hunt

Aaron Hunt informed the crowd to buy toothpaste containing fluoride to ensure healthy teeth


(l-r): Bralyee Hutchinson, Genisis Coy, Van Jenkins, Lois Bradley

water girl

"I am always a good choice," said Alivia Jones, playing the part of water


The audience participated in the presentation

giving things

Afterwards everyone recieved kits to help with tooth care

group photo

Sitting (l-r): Lois Bradley, Alivia Jones, Caleb Jones, Van Jenkins, Will Graves

Standing (l-r): Nitara Wells, Aaron Hunt, Nate Chriswell, Genisis Coy, Bralyee Hutchinson, Harper Clark, Harlow Clark


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