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Winners of the Woman-less Beauty Pageant Fundraiser

Academics are the focus the majority of the time at Wayne County High School, but occasionally students get a break and are entertained by memorable events like the Student Government Woman-less Beauty Pageant, just before the holiday break.

The WCHS Student Government Association (SGA) had planned this successful fundraising event since August of 2017. The Pageant was held December 19th, and was the event of the first semester of the school year. The pageant consisted of 22 boys from the High School across the four grades. The boys made up their own personas, new names, wore dresses, wigs, and makeup. They also treated the audience to a choreographed dance. The judges consisted of Retired Teacher Joey Neal, WCHS Principal Justin Alley, Head Football Coach Shawn Thompson, and Circuit Court Clerk Patricia Lay; along with the celebrity judge which was Miss Kentucky herself, Molly Matney. Coach Thompson and Principal Alley were good sports too and dressed up, just like the boys in the pageant! The guest audience and students laughed a lot and had fun at the fundraiser.

The SGA did a good job coordinating the pageant. There were plenty of students who participated to make it a success. The pageant flowed nicely and the boys were good sports about it.

SGA President Tanner Thompson and SGA Member Cassie Stockton invested a lot of time and hard work into creating this event along with other student government members. In the beginning, the SGA asked for dress donations for the boys to wear in the pageant. They weren’t expecting a lot of donations but the dresses poured in! Students also joined in to help the boys with their makeup and wigs.

SGA and Student Body President Tanner Thompson said, “The Womanless Pageant was a district-wide fundraiser for the Student Government Association at WCHS. This event was a blast for all involved. It was good for kids to see administration/coaches and prominent community members, along with Miss Kentucky Molly Matney, take part in such a fun event. The event ran for about an hour and a half but took about a month and a half to put together. There is no way I could have done this without the help from several SGA members, my parents, our community, and the contestants! Fundraisers like this, to me, are about more than the money aspect. We filled the gym with Cardinal pride, and for a short time, were able to enjoy ourselves with differences aside. I enjoyed seeing all the laughter from students and adults, alike. As far as the money that was raised, this money goes directly back into the student body. We buy gifts to give away at pep rallies, different things to give away for school contests, and really use the money for the betterment of our school. It truly excites me to be part of such a wonderful program, and to experience the change occurring at WCHS!”

The WCHS Dance Team wanted in on this fundraiser as well. So, team members Kali Sloan and Callie Phillips choreographed the beginning dance for the boys to entertain the crowd. The contestants were very serious when learning the dance but they also had fun participating.

“I enjoyed watching the boys prepare for the pageant, and seeing how dedicated they were to making it a success,” said SGA member Cassie Stockton.



SGA President and pageant host, Tanner Thompson, with the judges



Sophomore, Samuel Beckley



Junior, D'Angelo Dixon



Senior, Michael Johnson



Junior, Cameron Walters



Feshman, Steven Tabler



Sophomore, Matthew Piercy



Junior, Alex Phillips



Sebastian Logan



Sophomore, Jacob Morgan



Freshman, Brayden Sloan



Sophomore, Dylan Godsey



Senior, Chirstian Vanover



Senior Bailey Wright engaged Taylor West, a member of the audience in song.



Xavia West sang Silent Night as Matea Roysdon plays the guitar



(l-r:) Principal Justin Alley, Miss Kentucky, and Football Coach Shawn Thompson



Miss Congeniality, Draven Clinton

best les

Best Legs and Second Runner Up, Brayden Sloan



First Runner Up, Michael Johnson


corwning of the queen

Miss Wonderland, D'Angelo Dixson being crowned as Queen



Winner's Circle




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