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Character Ed




* August – Responsibility-keeping up with stuff, being a good leader, taking care of yourself, held accountable

Front Row: (L-R) Hannah Gregory, Macy Gossage, Rylee Keith

Second Row: (L-R) Haley Coffey, Ethan Huffaker, Nicole Hesse

* September – Loyalty-sticking with your team/others

* October – Courage-brave

* November – Respect-the golden rule

* December – Compassion-loving and caring for others

* January – Optimism-looking on the bright side

* February – Honesty-telling the truth-respectfully

* March – Initiative-being told only once to do something/not even having to be told

* April – Perseverance-hardworking, trying hard, not giving up

* May – Trustworthy-dependable/reliable


Each team of teachers is watching which students on their team exhibit the character trait for the month.  By the end of each month, the team meets and discusses their choices and agree on 1 for their team for the character ed word that month.  Teachers are continuously observing students all year for those students that faithfully exhibit each character trait not only just for that month but all year and in all circumstances.