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Wayne County Schools implement weekly updates regarding school masks

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      In order to lessen any confusion about the Wayne County School District’s policy regarding masks being worn inside the school buildings due to the Covid pandemic, a weekly average incidence rate will appear at the top of the front page of the school website and be posted on the school district Facebook page indicating whether masks are required. The figure will be updated each Friday, so everyone will have a convenient resource regarding whether or not masks are required, in the upcoming school week.

       The Wayne County Board of Education voted  to continue requiring masks for students, staff, and visitors so long as the local COVID incidence rate remains at 50 or above, during their monthly meeting earlier this month. With the current incidence rate up at 147.5, masks will continue to be required for now.

         The masks policy does not apply to  pre-school and kindergarten children.  Masks will continue to be required by the students, staff, and visitors, until COVID-19 cases go down, based on the Lake Cumberland Area Health Department’s daily incidence rate guidelines. The board established a metric of 50 to determine when masks would be required.

           In addition, masks must remain on individuals riding school busses per federal rules. Masks will continue to be required at the Area Technology Center, based on their state regulations.

       The school district works closely with the Lake Cumberland District Health Department and will be relying on their data (instead of the state report) for Wayne County to base each week’s decision towards the end of the school week.

       So, as of September 23, the Lake Cumberland District Health Department reports the 7 day average incidence rate of COVID cases in Wayne County is 147.5.  Therefore, masks will continue to be required next week (September 27 – October 1).

        Everyone cover your beak, to lessen the spread of Covid-19. Keep Cardinals safe! 

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