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Congrats to Go Cards Award Winners for 2020-2021

Superintendent Wayne Roberts addressed the school staff

Wayne County Schools recognize Go Card Winners

       Wayne County School staff members started the school year off strong with the acknowledgement of co-workers who were nominated for their exceptional work through the Go Cards Awards. The awards are important, not just for the purpose of a pat on the back or encouragement, but also because they emphasize the difference everyone can make for the greater good by taking pride in their work and being a worthwhile contributor in their individual positions. In this case, the local school system which employs over 500 full time employees, plus approximately 125 substitute and part time employees, needs everyone on board to be a positive asset to the children being served. Each school and department functions at its best due to the employees.

        “How passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary” is the basis for the awards which comes from the famous book, The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn.

            The Monticello Banking Company has partnered with the district on this program and generously supports the monetary gifts to each of the winners and most valuable players. This year, Perry Elam and Elaine Bertram presented the gifts to each winner, after the nomination script was read by Wayne County Superintendent Wayne Roberts.

           So, for the past several years, the district has presented these awards to local school personnel who are either classified (instructional assistants/aides, secretaries, cooks, bus drivers/monitors, etc.) or certified employees (teachers, librarians, principals, etc.).  

            For consideration of classified staff, the criteria is based on exceptional service where an individual exceeds expectations. They proactively notice needs and take the initiative to meet identified needs. Is supportive of co-workers and contributes to the district’s success. Is a positive influence on the workplace and strives to make the school environment a better place. They understand and demonstrate a commitment to students. They come to work each day with a determination to make a difference each day.

           The classified winners for the 2020-21 school year include: Walker Early Learning Center Instructional Assistant Heather Kennett, Bell Elementary Instructional Assistant Pilar Barton, Monticello Elementary School Custodian Connie Decker, Wayne County Middle School Instructional Assistant Diana Kennedy, Wayne County High School Special Education Instructional Assistant Jennifer Orr, and District level representative Kathryn Tucker. Tucker serves as Child Nutrition Services Director and also received the Most Valuable Classified Player Award.

            Her nomination read as follows:

            Kathryn Tucker has worked tirelessly during the pandemic. She had to think outside the box while totally reconfiguring the entire Food Service Program. When supplies could not be delivered on time she took her personal vehicle, recruited her husband and three sons and traveled out of town to load, haul and unload mass quantities of supplies. She led her AMAZING team to distribute hundreds of thousands of meals to the students/children of Wayne County during the pandemic. During the cold, winter months she wore extra layers of clothes and stood alongside her staff to distribute meals. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, she planned a special holiday meal for students and recruited others to help distribute meals, well wishes and smiles. Her team has done a phenomenal job of serving lots of meals to lots of children with lots of love…but let’s not forget Kathryn’s critical role of coordinating these accomplishments and making it happen.

        For consideration of certified staff, the employee demonstrates model skills, dedication and knowledge in their field, and a strong desire to continue to grow as a professional. They have earned the respect and approval of students, parents and colleagues. They demonstrate a passion for learning and students, while doing more than is necessary and strives to exceed expectations. They inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities, hoping to make a difference.

         The certified winners for the 2020-21 school year include: Walker Early Learning Center Kindergarten Teacher Alecia Parker, Bell Elementary Second Grade Teacher Debbie Adkins, Monticello Elementary Assistant Principal Mitchell Gregory, Wayne County Middle School 21st Century Coordinator Katherine Kidd, and Wayne County High School Library/Media Specialist Carol Ford. Ford also received the Most Valuable Certified Player Award.

          Carol Ford’s nomination included some of the following attributes:

          Carol Ford was described as a beacon of inspiration and support to her colleagues. She works tirelessly to orchestrate numerous functions within the building, is a constant resource to the teachers, and is a source of support to all of the students. She works with teachers to support their assignments, especially helping new faculty members. She offers her years of classroom and literacy experience to make instruction better and to, ultimately, improve the learning outcomes of all the students. She plans special events for classrooms, the Academic Hall of Fame Banquet and Senior Breakfast. She also works with the high school Benevolence Committee. Whether she is responding to an issue with a positive demeanor or planning a grand event for the students, she does so with the same faithfulness and conviction. She is never critical, always loving and kind, and in possession of all of those qualities that we could all use a little more of.

         On behalf of the administration, Wayne County Schools congratulate and are thankful for all of these new winners and look forward to seeing even more of their colleagues recognized for their contributions in the future.




Classified Staff Winners / Morning Session

Heather Kinnett

Heather Kinnett from Walker Early Learning Center

Pilar Barton

Pilar Barton from Bell Elementary

Diane Kennedy

Diane Kennedy from Wayne County Middle School

Jennifer Orr

Jennifer Orr from Wayne County High School

Kathryn Tucker

Kathryn Tucker received the District Employee Award & MVP Award

Certified Staff Winners / Afternoon Session

Alecia Parker

Alecia Parker from Walker Early Learning Center

Debbie Adkins

Debbie Adkins from Bell Elementary

Mitchel Gregory

Mitchell Gregory from Monticello Elementary

Katherine Kidd

Katherine Kidd from Wayne County Middle School

Carol Ford

Carol Ford from Wayne County High School

Carol Ford

Carol Ford receiving the MVP Award

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