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Lady Card golfers will play as a team this season

Asst. Coach Kendra Catron and Kelsay Collins and Caroline Chriswell

It's been a long row to hoe, but the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to shine through for Wayne 

County School's lady golfers.  The 2021 season will be an entire new spectrum with a 'team' presence in 

place out on the green.  Twenty years ago - in the year 2000 - the girls golf team was noted as having their 

best regular season ever.  Since then, it's been individual play for lady golfers at Wayne County due to 

them being a team member short. 


Excitement continues to grow as the 2021 Lady Card golfers play in a couple of summer tournaments.  

This year's team is comprised of two sophomores, Kelsay Collins and Caroline Chriswell, freshman Malainey 

Dobbs and 7th grader Abby Ragan.  They will take to the green on Friday, July 30th for a tournament at the 

London Country Club.  


Play continues for the team on Saturday, July 31st with another golf match scheduled at the Pines at Lindsey 

Wilson in the Adair Invitational Tournament. In 2020 - Ragan was only a 6th grader and Collins, Chriswell and 

Dobbs shined as individual golfers - coming close then to qualifying for the state tournament.    This years team 

is coached by Grant Clark and Kendra Catron serves as Assistant Coach. 


The booster club for the Lady Card golf team is very supportive and they've already scheduled a Golf Scramble 

locally for September 18th at the Monticello Country Club.  Anyone interested in sponsoring a four person team 

for the upcoming event may contact Booster Club members, Andrea Collins at 606-307-1901 or Jamie Ragan 

at 606-307-0077.  Monetary or prize donations are also welcomed from Individuals or businesses. 


In high school golf, five team mates from schools may reportedly participate at a competition, but only the top 

four scores count toward the teams total.  Girls golf in Kentucky is on the upswing and really good to great 

golfers start as young children.  Golfing parents and grandparents can make a world of difference by getting their 

children or grandchildren interested in the sport. 


Starting early at golfing gets youngsters a step ahead of the game and opens up lots of possibilities down 

the road where scholarships are concerned.   There are hundreds of golf scholarships for high school students 

going off to college.  They come in many shapes and sizes including academic, community service, merit and 

work related scholarships.  Anyone with questions about the sport of golfing may contact Coach Clark or Assistant 

Coach Kendra Catron for more information.


Abby Reagan

Abby Reagan

Malainey Dobbs

Malainey Dobbs

Coach Kendra Catron, Kelsay Collins, and Caroline Chriswell

(l-r:) Asst. Coach Kendra Catron, Kelsay Collins, and Caroline Chriswell

Malainey Dobbs on the green

Malainey Dobbs on the green

Kelsay Collins

Kelsay Collins swinging

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