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‘Hard Charging Cadet’ admired by JROTC classmates

Hard Charging Cadet Jacinda Dykes

‘Hard Charging Cadet’ One of our Own exemplifies Personal Courage

A Collaborative Effort by the JROTC LET 2 Class


Most Wayne County High School JROTC Cadets are what we always call ‘Hard Charging’. They take the JROTC program seriously, apply themselves in all they do academically, emotionally, physically, and contribute many hours of time to JROTC, team practice,  community and school  events, and just about anytime they are called upon to fulfill any requirement.

 This past year has been a tremendously challenging year for almost everyone in our society and community. Our School and our JROTC program has also had to improvise, adapt and overcome tremendous obstacles. Almost every administrator, teacher, and student and anyone working in the school district can attest to this. 

This brief article is about a very ‘Hard Charging’ JROTC Cadet who faced tough life changes not only from this past year’s Covid-19 pandemic and from everything associated with it, but an even more personal life-changing obstacle.  Diagnosed with thyroid cancer sounds devastating, but if caught in time most patients recover completely in a relatively short time and live a full healthy life. Cadet Jacinda Dykes, daughter of Angela and Anthony Dykes, received her thyroid cancer diagnosis this past winter in February, 2021. A young vibrant teenager with an exceptionally bright future. Intelligent, Industrious with an after school job at the Monticello Dairy Queen and on top of her game academically. Jacinda is a true example of a ‘Hard Charging Cadet’.

 After overcoming the emotional shock of her diagnosis, giving up her job and many other things teenagers normally do, Jacinda has continuously applied herself in every aspect of her daily life and in all she does. Even after her extensive surgery and ongoing rehab, Jacinda made time to exceed her daily physical therapy requirements and worked very hard to improve her total body health. Jacinda never complained or made excuses for what she could not do, but made every effort to go beyond her physical limitations in an attempt to recover more rapidly. Most recently, Jacinda volunteered and took part in the very physically and emotionally challenging Rappel training that cadets experienced in July.  Another example of her tremendous courage and willingness to excel.

Jacinda has been very successful at this time in her life and has fought back against the Thyroid Cancer with every beat of her tremendous heart and soul. She has done her job and in her words allowed God to guide her and her loved ones through her condition. Well today,  but still facing unforeseen circumstances we are confident that through the deep faith she has in our Lord and with his guiding hand she will  overcome any  obstacles in her life and will continue to be a ‘Hard Charging Cadet’. We love you JK! God bless you and your family.

Jacinda Dykes exhibits personal courage

Cadet Jacinda Dykes always “Hard Charging” on rappel

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