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Wayne County Schools report COVID-19 activity weekdays to state public health department

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 (Press Release on October 12, 2020)  As of Monday morning, October 12, there were no COVID cases at Wayne County Schools, as students returned to classes on the AB schedule. Since September 28, as mandated by the state, Wayne County Schools have been reporting any COVID related activity every weekday to the state public health department when school is in session for both in-person classes or virtual. During fall break (last week) the school district was closed and no reports were filed.

      Starting October 12, there had been a total of seven students and a total of four staff members who had tested positive for COVID-19, since school started back on August 24th. Most of those student cases happened closer to the start of school when total virtual learning was underway and no in-person classes were meeting.

     The school district followed all the recommended CDC/Kentucky Public Health Department safety protocol by immediately isolating the individual, notifying parents if it is a student, and sending them home. The school nurses then recommend that the individual is seen by their health care provider to rule out COVID or any other illness. If it is a positive case, it has to be reported to the school and health department. Through contact tracing the health department decides the close contacts or household contacts to be quarantined.

      Students and staff continue to be required to check their temperatures, wear masks, practice hand hygiene, and social distance. Preschool and kindergarten students follow amended guidelines.

       During the last reporting cycle dated October 9, the report showed three students tested positive, one staff member tested positive and 15 students were quarantined and 2 staff members quarantined.

       The public can go to the Kentucky Department of Public Health website and scroll down to the K-12 COVID-19 Dashboard under Resources. Look under TEAM KENTUCKY on the left-hand column to select school district and then type in Wayne County to see the K-12 School COVID19 Self-Reported Data with a chart and graph showing the current school data. This information can also be accessed on the school district website, under Coronavirus Information by going to the KY Department for Public Health.  

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