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Wayne County School retirees honored

Photo Booth set up at ceremony for retirees

Kendra Roark

Kendra Roark shows off her plaque with 27 years of service

Kendra Roark at photo booth

Susan Helms receiving plaque

Susan Helms retired with 30 years of service

Susan Helm with her family

Susan Helms and colleague Lois Bradley

Principal Derek Harris and Susan Helms

Nell Boils with her plaque

Nell Boils worked for the children of Wayne County 33 years

Supt. Wayne Roberts and Principal Derek Harris posed for a photo with Nell Boils

Nell Boils and her husband

Nell Boils and family

Micah Hicks with plaque

Micah Hicks showed off her plaque with 29 years of service

Supt Wayne Roberts and Micah Hicks

Micah Hicks grabbed her party bag

Paul Stringer

Paul Stringer worked 27 years

Wanda Dishman at photo booth

Wanda Dishman worked 27 years

Wanda Dishman

Tracy Bell with her plaque

Tracy Bell retired with 27 years

Tracy Bell and her husband

Rita Jones with plaque

Rita Jones worked 20 years at Wayne County Schools

Rita Jones and family

Rita and Gene Jones

Deborah Swope and granddaughter

Deborah Swope showed off her plaque retiring at 20 years

Deborah Swope and family

Deborah Swope and her husband

Jan Lewis holding her plaque

Jan Hicks taught 27 years

Jan Lewis and family

Jan and Larry Lewis

Geraldine Sexton

Geraldine Sexton gave 40 years of service

Geraldine Sexton

Debbie Bell

Debbie Bell served the students 30 years

Debbie Bell and family

Debbie Bell

Karie Rains

Karie Rains taught students 27 years

Karen Rains with children

Allyson Tucker

Allyson Tucker taught students 27 years

Allyson Tucker and son

Josephine Morris

Josephine Morris worked for the district 8 years

Josephine Morris

Lori Anderson

Lori Anderson served students 32 years

Lori Anderson and family

Lori Anderson and Principal Melissa Gossage

(Not Pictured: 

Retirees Vincent Decker with 28 years, Tom Pyles with 26 years and Steve Wilson with 7 years of service.)

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