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Schools anxious to receive results on which back to school options best for students

Wayne County

    Wayne County Schools are anxious to nail down student preferences on back to school options. Schools are seeking parents’ decisions regarding which back to school option is best for their child regarding scheduling for the upcoming school year.

    A letter has been sent home to students at the high school to explain the options for them that is slightly different from the first three options being offered to elementary and middle school students. High School students can attend in-person for certain classes and complete other classes via virtual learning.

    It is important for each school to receive responses as soon as possible, so they can begin designing the placement of students while arranging staffing, in this new pandemic scenario.

    The Wayne County Board of Education approved a variety of options to meet individual student needs on July 9th, giving families the choice between in-class attendance options or virtual at home instruction with the start of school beginning August 24. Each Friday is designated as a NTI day where students study at home.

    Walker Early Learning Center has been contacting incoming kindergarten students’ families for their decisions. Preschool students do not fall under any of the options because they already attend on a half-day basis Monday through Thursdays.

    Bell Elementary is asking that parents contact them as soon as possible with their decision for first and second graders at 348-8150 during the weekdays. They will be happy to respond to any questions parents may have.

    Monticello Elementary has been calling parents of incoming third, fourth and fifth graders and leaving messages on answering machines of parents, that are not at home. They are asking their parents to contact the school by Friday, July 17th at 340-3900.

    Wayne County Middle School sent out a One Call to parents to review the re-entry options on the district webpage or Facebook page. They are asking parents to contact them at 348-6691, with their decision on any weekday by July 24th.

    The sooner parents respond, the better each school can customize each child’s learning environment.

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