Kindergarten Skills Checklist First Nine Weeks

Kindergarten: First 9 Weeks
M: Mastered
P: Progressing
N: Not progressing or evident at this time
Understands and applies concepts of print (e.g. directionality, letters, words, tracking print, front & back cover, title page)
Understands role of author and illustrator
Uses illustrations to comprehend text
Answers questions about key details in a text
Word Recognition
Recognizes that sounds in words are expressed by letters of the alphabet
Recognizes and names upper- and lowercase letters:   Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp
Produces the correct sound for the letters: m, a, s, p
Reads grade-appropriate sight words
Recognizes and produces rhyming words
Prints upper-and lowercase letters legibly: Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp
Prints first name legibly
Uses frequently occurring nouns and verbs when writing/speaking
Uses words and phrases acquired through conversations, being read to, etc. when speaking
Communicates messages (i.e. writes, draws, dictates) for a variety of purposes:
·         to give information
·         to give an opinion
·         to share an experience/event
in response to text
·         Sorts common objects into categories (e.g. shapes, food)
Relates words to their opposites
Participates in shared writing & language activities (whole group)
Speaking & Listening
Follows rules for discussions:
·         listening to others
·         taking turns
·         staying on topic
·         raising hand to speak
appropriate volume
·         Asks & answers questions to seek help, get information, etc.
Describes familiar people, places, things and events
Speaks audibly and clearly

Kindergarten: First 9 Weeks
M: Mastered
P: Progressing
N: Not progressing or evident at this time
Counting and Cardinality
Rote counts to 25 by ones
Reads and orders numbers 0-5
Counts objects up to 5 (1:1 correspondence)
Writes numerals to represent sets of 0-5
Writes numerals 0-5
Compares groups of objects to determine which is greater than, less than, or the same number
Uses objects or drawings to represent number stories (word problems)
Measurement and Data
Sorts objects into categories/groups
Identifies/correctly names shapes:
·         circle
·         triangle
·         square
·         rectangle
Uses positional words to describe an object’s location (e.g. above, below, beside, etc.)
Names the five senses
Uses the five senses to explore and collect data about the world around them (scientific inquiry)
Identifies different types of technologies at home, school and in the world
Animals: Compares parents and offspring
Social Studies
Identifies rules and consequences
Describes and demonstrates good citizenship
Compares individuals and families
Social/Emotional Development
Follows directions first time given
Respectful to adults
Plays well with others
Keeps hands and feet to self
Uses time wisely
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